Thursday, June 25, 2009


I dig music, and love playing with basic electrical stuff, so I am going to test the waters of the DIY Loudspeaker world.

My goal is to make 2 sets of speakers. First one is a set built from very inexpensive drivers, both as a learning experience and as a pair of speakers for my mother to use.

The next step will hopefully be quality drivers for a home theater setup that will sound as good as the stuff costing thousands, but with the satisfaction of building them myself.

The hard part will be the cabinets - I don't currently own a single woodworking tool, so we shall see if I can find other kind souls to assist me as time progresses. I am a condo dweller, so I can't just drop $$ on woodworking equipment (no garage).

My current skill levels:
Computers - super advanced Cisco/Microsoft/Linux professional
Electrical - novice
Woodworking - zero

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