Thursday, June 25, 2009

Speaker Measurement Test Equipment

Now that I have downloaded a couple of demo packages, I need to sort out the hardware.

Part of my choice for LspCAD and ARTA is that I can create some semi-inexpensive jigs, and actually use the 2 programs to measure speakers.

If it doesn't work, I don't loose a huge amount of cash. If it works, then I keep using the same equipment and software.

I would like to run the tests outdoors, in an empty field, so I don't have to worry about echo and room response, etc... Based on that hope, I plan on the following rig:

Dell Vostro 1510 Laptop, Vista 32bit, 4gb RAM, Dual-Core CPU (already own it)
Soundblaster X-Fi Expresscard (gotta buy)
JBL GTO Amp - I have a car stereo amp in my truck, powering 2 coaxials and a 10" woofer. I have easy access to the amp, so I can use it for testing.

There are a few items I will have to solder together also...

ARTA Jig - - looks like $20 in parts to make a jig for measurements.

LspCAD Jig - - another $20 to create a box with resistors to measure loudspeakers with LspCAD.

Wallin Preamp2 & Panasonic WM-61a Microphone -
I have 80% of the parts already for a Wallin Preamp, and I bought 3 of the circuit boards in 99/00 when they were being made (a buddy wanted a portable powered Mic for less than $50, this was it) back in the day. If this works out, I will get the mic calibrated - if not, not a huge loss.

Looks like the total outlay for the SB card will be $100, and the 2 jigs / PreAmp / Mic will be $85, so that is $185 just to test a hobby out... wonder if I should do it or not?

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